Fire Building Basics Workshop

Knowing how to build a fire in a survival situation is critical, and in this workshop participants will be able to learn and practice the basics of fire building with our Maine Guides. Topics discussed include the fire triangle, material needed, how/where to collect material and fire safety. For this class we will be using natural materials, but lighting with a match. For those who master building a quick fire, there will be opportunities to try starting the fire with ferro rod and complete a water boiling challenge.

Families, individual adults and all ages welcome! This is not a drop-off class for children and takes place outside. Outhouse-style bathrooms available.


Family - $40

Individual - $25 

Discounted rates for Friends of TTT Members and Homeschool Nature Immersion Families - don't forget your coupon code (email us if you can't find it)!


Payment is transferable but non-refundable. Class will likely be held in light rain or snow. If class is cancelled due to more extreme weather, a rain/snow date may be offered or payment will be refunded. Guests will be notified via email early on the morning of this class is there is a cancellation.

We are committed to supporting and creating a community that is reflective of Maine's economic diversity. If you would like to participate in this program but it creates a financial hardship, please email